Student Expectations

Come ready to learn with a smile! In addition, the student is responsible for preparing for the lesson with adequate practice prior to the lesson. The student is also expected to be respectful of the teacher, the parent, the studio space and the instrument.


Parent Expectations

The parent is expected to attend all lessons and take notes during the lessons for the student’s practice at home. By attending the lessons, the parent understands the learning process and can help the student when practicing at home. The parent is the home teacher, supporting the lesson teacher. The involvement of the parent is vital to the success of the student.

Practice Expectations

The student is expected to prepare for lessons and ensembles through daily practice. In the lessons, the student will learn effective practice techniques that are to be used at home during the practice. I will help the student and parent in creating an effective practice plan as well as help set clear goals for the practice. If you need any additional help with practicing issues, just ask!

Review & Listening

Include the review old pieces and listening to the Suzuki recording in the practice routine. Reviewing and listening on a regular and consistent basis are critical to student success. Group class repertoire is selected from the entire repertoire for that given level and will include old pieces. Also, performance repertoire is selected from review pieces.



Attending performances is important and required. Performing is an integral of learning an instrument. Learning to and gaining skill in performing, like learning the cello, requires practice and requires experience. Participating in recital and performances gives students that necessary experience as well as the opportunity to share their musical accomplishments with others. Missing a performance is very serious. All students are expected to participate. In addition, all students must stay for the entire duration of the performance. Leaving early is not an option. Plan to stay for the entire performance. Please note that students cannot play their current piece or most recently learned piece for a recital. I require that students choose a piece at least three pieces back from their current piece.



Lesson Policy