Every Child Can

Many years ago, Dr. Suzuki observed one simple fact - all Japanese children learned to speak Japanese effortlessly. Japanese is not an easy language to learn and many other languages are also difficult, yet every child learns to speak his native language. He realized that immersion in language leads to language development and, therefore came to the conclusion that immersion in a musical environment leads to musical development.

Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. Every child has an innate ability to learn to play the cello beautifully.


Dr. Suzuki, years before current research, stated "ability = knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions." This is not far off from the current '10,000 hours' research! Talent is not simply an innate ability - every child, including your child, can learn to a high ability! Your child's musical ability is a direct reflection of their musical environment and the quality of effort put toward it.

“Music is not an inborn talent but an ability that can be developed”


Though Suzuki students learn to play their instruments at a high level with a beautiful sound, students also gain many benefits that help them outside of music learning. Those benefits include:


disciplined work habits

memory development



­the ability to focus

­the ability to analyze and solve problems ­

the ability to evaluate

the ability to reflect


I seek to teach my students to play the cello beautifully but I also hope to encourage my students to be engaged, artistic, caring, questioning and inquisitive people who are lifelong learners and participants in the arts. Every child CAN accomplish this. Enter my studio with the belief that your child can achieve it, too, and help support them in becoming beautiful human beings.